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For a quick introduction to the Sanford Harmony Online Learning Portal, click below.


An Inspirational Journey with our Award-Winning Teachers: Classroom Leaders to SEL Graduate Students

January 25th, 1pm-2pm PT

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Join us for this one-hour webinar as we celebrate the true power of the inspirational teacher. You don’t want to miss our exciting panel discussion with our five 2021 National University Teacher Award Regional Winners who will share their journey from classroom leaders to award-winning teachers, recently recognized for their best practices in SEL. Dr Robert Lee, Dean of Sanford College of Education, will kick off the inspirational discussion. Dr. Lori Piowlski, Chair of the Teacher Education Department will bring our engaging discussion to a close by exploring how educators may consider the Masters in Social Emotional Learning to pursue their own SEL educational journey.

The master’s in SEL program is designed to make transformational change in school communities by providing research-based knowledge and skills in self-care, cognition, trauma, and the ability to create healthy environments and relationships that are culturally responsive, equitable, and supportive for the whole child. With this transformative, individualized program — the only dedicated SEL master’s program in the country — you can gain valuable expertise and an edge in the job market.

These Regional Winners have done an outstanding job of recognizing and implementing the values of the master’s in SEL program — an incredible opportunity for all educators to explore! Four-week classes allow you to start sooner and finish faster, so there is no better time to apply! As we celebrate these SEL-oriented winners, we invite you to learn more about these outstanding individuals on the NU Teacher Award site.

Congratulations to all our Regional Winners:

West Regional Winner: Reagan Duncan, Vista, CA

Southwest Regional Winner: Eric Hale, Dallas, TX

Midwest Regional Winner: Dr. Maggie McHugh, La Crosse, WI

Southeast Regional Winner: Melody Hawkins, Knoxville, TN

Northeast Regional Winner: Olivia Leone, Bronx, NY

These winners were selected because their inspiring stories showed just how important inclusivity, motivation, and inspiration are in everyday teaching. Their hard work created an inclusive environment where students are engaged, confident, and motivated to succeed. Despite challenges brought on by the global pandemic, these outstanding educators have gone above and beyond while demonstrating what it takes to have strong social and emotional learning (SEL) connections with their students. Through their use of valuable Harmony and Inspire resources, these educators have ensured that the student journey is successful, focused on the whole child, and inclusive.

We could not be more thrilled that the Regional Winners will embark further on their education journey as full scholarship recipients in NU’s SEL master’s program. Additionally, in early 2022, we will choose one of these Regional Winners as the National University Teacher of the Year.

Follow us on social media for updates, and if you are looking to take your SEL skills to the next level like these winners, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about the Master of Arts in SEL program

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