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For a quick introduction to the Sanford Harmony Online Learning Portal, click below.

SEL Day Wrap Up

International SEL Day 2021 Highlights

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We love getting people exciting about social and emotional learning! On March 26, Harmony SEL and Inspire Teaching & Learning partnered with the Sanford College of Education at National University to sponsor International SEL Day and this year’s theme, Building Bonds, Reimagining Communities. We celebrated SEL Day 2021 with a week of online events, including inspiring webinars, panel discussions, a Twitter chat, and a congressional policy briefing with our esteemed partners. Together, we contributed to international wins with our sponsorship and events!

  • More than 12 million views from over 8,000 mentions of #SELday
  • Over 50,000 #SELday likes across social media
  • #SELday trended on Twitter for more than 2 hours on March 26
  • Seven #SELday state proclamations and an #SELday U.S. Congressional Record
  • More than 3,100 #SELday participants representing 69 countries and all 50 U.S. states
  • More than 2,500 schools, districts, and organizations represented

Check out these highlights from our programs…

Read Our Op-Ed on Expanding SEL Policy in The Hill

In an op-ed piece for The Hill, our partners speak to the urgent need for expanding systemic SEL nationwide. Contributors include Harmony and Inspire’s Dr. Nick Yoder, David Adams at The Urban Assembly, Nithya Joseph at America Forward, Jordan Posamentier at Committee for Children, and Stephen Kostyo at the Learning Policy Institute. Read the article in The Hill.

Watch the Congressional Briefing “SEL Policy to Foster Connection after Trauma”

On March 26, 640 viewers tuned in live for a congressional briefing, “SEL Policy to Foster Connection after Trauma,” featuring our Director of Strategic Initiatives Nick Yoder, Ph.D. and our esteemed partners. Learn about the life-changing power of systemic SEL and key policy recommendations from students, educators, and advocates, including U.S. Representative Yvette D. Clark, NYDOE Vice Chancellor LaShawn Robinson, and other leaders in SEL. Watch the briefing on YouTube today!

Prioritize Self-Care with Our New Webinar “Shining a Bright Light on Educator SEL”

In a webinar with more than 1,100 attendees, Dr. Tish Jennings shared research about self-care and what can happen if educators do not invest time in themselves. National University Teacher Award winners Tom Whisinnand and Alejandro Diasgranados discussed ways they manage their own self-care and support other educators as well. Start prioritizing your self-care and view “Shining a Bright Light on Educator SEL” on demand on our webinars page.

Nominate an Inspirational Educator for the National University Teacher Award

National University Teacher Award

Are you or someone you know an inspirational educator who brings SEL to life for students? Nominations are open now for the National University Teacher Award. Regional finalists will win $10,000, and a grand prize winner will receive a total of $50,000! We are inspired and grateful to this year’s winner, Alejandro Diasgranados, for all the ways he supports the social, emotional, and academic success of his fourth and fifth grade students at Aiton Elementary in Washington, D.C. Learn more about Mr. Diasgranados and nominate an amazing teacher in your life. Nominate an educator today!

Activate Evidence-Based SEL Best Practices from Harmony SEL and Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University

Beyond SEL Day, educators want strategies to support the social and emotional needs of their students. In a new research-to-practice brief, researchers and practitioners from Johns Hopkins University and Harmony explore what the Harmony program entails, its research base, and most critically, the best practices for implementing Harmony in contemporary classrooms. Download the full brief at no cost on the Harmony blog.

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We are so grateful to our co-sponsors and partners in social and emotional learning and to each person who attended and tweeted in support of bringing evidence-based SEL to students and educators around the world!

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Learn more at harmonysel.org and start implementing SEL with the Harmony Online Learning Portal.